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Beeswax & Your Skin

Posted by Kimberly Ambrose on
Beeswax & Your Skin

We often get asked, "So, why is beeswax so great for your skin?"  Well, we're happy to answer.  Here are four AMAZING reasons we use beeswax in all our skincare products.


1.  Beeswax protects the skin and forms a natural barrier from the environment, sealing in a wonderful layer of moisture. This protection keeps your skin hydrated, even after washing your hands throughout the day.  This seal of protection is unique and helps keep your skin looking beautiful.  

2. Beeswax does not clog your pores.   Because we care about the products we put on our skin, it's natural to wonder about the effects the ingredients in our products have on your skin.  Beeswax, unlike petroleum, naturally allows your skin to breath as it moisturizes.   

3.  Beeswax soothes itching and over-dried skin.  Beeswax naturally contains vitamin A which boosts skin cell production, giving the skin a healthy natural glow. If you are struggling with dry skin, beeswax, combined with high-quality oils and vitamin E will quickly bring the moisture you need for smooth skin relief.

4.  Beeswax carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that are essential in fighting chapped skin.  Because beeswax has these healing properties, it helps keep the skin clean, reducing the risk of skin infection or irritation.   This makes beeswax the perfect skin remedy for cuts, burns, stretch marks, and wounds


So, enjoy all Sister Bees natural skin care products, made with the wonderful, all-natural ingredient; BEESWAX!! 

Check out our blog "4 Ways Beeswax Helps Eczema Symptoms" to learn more about the power of beeswax! 

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  • Diane on

    I love using your lip balms. I’m almost out. Can I find them in any stores?

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