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4 Ways Beeswax Helps Eczema Symptoms

Posted by Kimberly Ambrose on
4 Ways Beeswax Helps Eczema Symptoms

Eczema is the medical term for an infection of the skin.  And if you suffer from it,  you're well aware that it can irritate, inflame, itch, and cause a lot of discomfort.  Did you know that three percent of the adult population is affected with this skin issue?

One of the best natural treatments for eczema is beeswax.  Beeswax is full of natural, healing properties, which can truly help reduce the annoying symptoms of eczema.  So, Let's look at FOUR reasons beeswax naturally helps your skin look amazing and become itch-free:

 1.  Protects

You may be aware of the amazing, natural barrier that beeswax has on your skin.  Many fungi and pollen's can flare up eczema, causing the skin to itch and become irritated.  With beeswax, your skin is protected and given a natural waxy coating from the harmful environment.  It also holds moisture in, keeping your skin from drying out and causing skin-irritating flair-ups.  Also, beeswax does not clog your pores as petroleum does!  So enjoy being outside, but protect your skin naturally!

2.  Vitamin A enriched

This part is amazing!  Beeswax contains vitamin A, which can actually replace and boost skin cell growth.  This is wonderful because this can actually help restore and rejuvenate your skin.    

3.  Antibacterial

Beeswax anti-inflammatory properties help the skin against infection.  This is fantastic because eczema issues can lead to irritated, inflamed skin.  Beeswax protects the skin and clears it from pathogens, allowing your skin to become healthy and restored.  

4. Soft Skin

And finally, beeswax is just fantastic at keeping skin moisturized!  Beeswax can give you relief from eczema as it protects your skin from dryness, chapping, and dehydration.  With that amazing protection, water and the elements stay away from your skin, keeping it soft, smooth, and beautiful!!

Amazingly enough, Sister Bees has a solution for your skin called Bee Better!  It is a wonderfully smooth, chemically-free moisturizer that is specifically crafted to benefit your skin. 

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