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The Hive

Solutions for Crystallized, MI Honey

Posted by Kimberly Ambrose on
Sister Bees 100% Raw Michigan Wildflower Honey is our favorite farm-to-table treat. Because our honey is raw, and unpasteurized, it may crystallize.  This is TOTALLY normal and is still delicious to eat

Michigan Made

Posted by Kimberly Ambrose on

Here in the Mitten State, we are incredibly proud of all the amazing products our state has produced and manufactured. Sister Bees home base is in Ludington, a quaint, small-town nestled on the blue waters of Lake Michigan.  Here in Ludington, we boast of our sandy beaches, House of Flavors ice-cream, and gorgeous sunsets. And yes, we Michiganders do use our hand to show people where we live. Our state if full of entrepreneurs that have created products, machinery, cuisine, beer, and a whole lot more. Most people know of Michigan’s automotive industry, which is our biggest claim to fame, but we are overflowing with an impressive amount of Made-In-Michigan products that the entire country enjoys!