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Corporate Gifts for Employees or Clients

Posted by Kimberly Ambrose on
Corporate Gifts for Employees or Clients

Corporate gifts can be an intentional way to show your employees how much they are appreciated, especially during the holidays season. Gifts that are thoughtful can help show your work team that you are grateful for a job well done and that you value their work and time.  We've made gift-buying easy and thoughtful with 5 of our favorite gifts from Sister Bees.  Each gift is specially crafted and unique.  We have put together a list that will create a "buzz" of good cheer to all your people.  Sister Bees also 

1. Honey Mustard Gift Set:

This taste of Michigan Gift Set is sure to please.  Choose our sweet or spicy set of two gourmet mustards in one delicious set.  Sister Bees mustards are made with 100% Pure Michigan Wildflower honey. This is a mouth-watering addition to pretzels, sandwiches, wraps, dips, or even to incorporate into a glaze for your meats. If you're looking for the perfect, tasty gift this is definitely it!


2. Michigan Bee Gift Set

Michigan Bee Gift Set is the perfect way to give a piece of Michigan to your favorite people.  Each carefully wrapped Made in Michigan Gift Box comes with one 8oz glass jar of Raw Honey & stir stick, one hand-poured beeswax candle & matchbox, two lip balms, and one Michigan Honey goat's milk soap. A wonderful way to share some Michigan love with friends and family.

3.  Bee the Light Gift Set

Sister Bees Bee Light Gift Set is the perfect way to give a handcrafted, personalized gift. Each gift set comes with a 6 oz. hand-poured beeswax candle (choose any of our 5 different fragrances) a bee matchbox, and a mini skep, 100% beeswax candle. This gift set will be an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, or any time of the year! 

4.  "Bee" licious Creamed Honey Gift Set

This taste of Michigan Gift Set is sure to please.  Choose 2 of our favorite creamed honey choices in one "bee"licious set.  Sister Bees Creamed Honey is made with 100% Pure Michigan Wildflower honey. To achieve the smooth creamed texture, the wildflower honey is slowly spun until it becomes a fine spreadable creme. Sister Bees Creamed Honey is delightful on crackers, toast, English muffins, baked meats, and straight out of the jar. 

5.  Sweet Bee Gift Set

Sister Bees Sweet Bee Set is a perfect honey treat.  Each set includes one package of Sister Bees honey-filled hard candy and a festive 2 oz bear filled with raw, Michigan honey.  It's a gift for young and old, and sure to please.

So start shopping now!  Your customers, clients, colleagues, and friends will be delighted. We'll do all the creative-gifting here in our "hive, making your gift-giving job incredibly simple! 

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We do offer a price break for bulk purchases, so make sure to check out this option too!

Happy Shopping!

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