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Solutions for Crystallized, MI Honey

Posted by Kimberly Ambrose on
Solutions for Crystallized, MI Honey

Solutions for Crystallized, MI Honey

There is nothing better than the rich, golden taste of Michigan honey.  This golden nectar is delicious on toast, stirred into honey, used for baking, or simply as a sweet treat.  Michigan beekeepers harvest honey in summer or early fall, but some continue throughout the year, making the sweet treat available all year-round.

Michigan is noted for its many fruit tree and beautiful rolling orchards, which makes the honey from our state, extra delicious.  Michigan gathers over 5 million pounds of honey each year and is in the top 10 states of honey production. An interesting fact is that the lighter the honey, the milder the flavor, and the darker the honey, the flavor explodes!  Try some today! 


What to do when Honey Crystallizes?

Sister Bees 100% Raw Michigan Wildflower Honey is our favorite farm-to-table treat. Because our honey is raw, and unpasteurized, it may crystallize.  This is TOTALLY normal and is still delicious to eat. Pasteurization is the process of heating the honey at a high temperature to make it easier for bottling, which does kill the nutrients naturally found in honey.  

Here are some ways to melt crystallized honey back down to its liquid state: Make sure not to overheat during this process because this could change the quality and nutrients of raw honey.

1. Add the honey to a pot of warm water 

2. Set the honey out in the sunshine or near a window where the sun is shining 

3. Set the honey near your fireplace for it to warm up naturally

4. Stir it right in your coffee or tea and watch it just melt away

Try some delicious Michigan honey for you and your family, and make sure to leave a comment bee-low!


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