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4 "Paw"fect ways to Keep Your Furry Friend Happy

Posted by Kimberly Ambrose on
4 "Paw"fect ways to Keep Your Furry Friend Happy

4 "Paw"fect ways to Keep Your Furry Friend Happy 

We're from Michigan, so pet care, especially in the winter, is a big concern.  We often get asked, if dogs' paws actually freeze in the wintery snow? And the answer is yes!  So, here are a few simple ways to keep your furry friend cared for and their pads and snout protected from the outside elements.  

 1.  Paw Wax (Bee Buddies)

Sister Bees has created a perfect balm using beeswax, sweet almond oil, vitamin E and more.  It's 100% all-natural and each tin is handcrafted with love. It's simple to use and gives them a protective layer from the cold.of protection on their skin Apply a small amount to your pet's pads and snout before heading outside.  Take a minute to massage it into their skin, just like you would your own moisturizer.  Bee Buddies protects from both the snow and the chemicals that are used to melt the snow on the sidewalks and roads.  Also, pay attention to the weather outside, especially in the below-freezing temperatures.  You may need to have a little extra playtime in the house if the weather is extremely cold.  You're smart people, use your judgment, and when you do head outdoors, use Bee Buddies by Sister Bees.    You can also purchase Bee Buddies at one of our hometown favorite stores, Cosmic Canine Creations.

2. Keep your Pet's Paws clean after each Walk

Take a minute after walking your furry friend to clean their paws.  Keep a washcloth or towel next to the door and give them a nice rub down before coming in.  If you want to keep things really simple, you can purchase dog pet wipes to do the job quickly.  Our favorite is by Doggy Do Good.  We love that it's fragrance-free and made with natural extracts.  When drying your pet off, take a good look making sure there are no cuts or objects stuck in their pads.  Taking a minute to towel them off will not only keep your carpet clean, (yay to cleaner carpet!) but will also keep your pet healthy.  Getting that salt and winter grime off is a WINNER for winter care.  

3. Trim Pooch's Nails

Trimming your dog’s nails is important all year long, and I'm sure it's not everyone's favorite chore.  However, nails can actually break when your pet is playing outside on the ice or snow, and this can cause injury.  So, if it's not something your comfortable doing, head her over to your local groomer or vet and get this job taken care of.  If you do tackle this job on your own, check out our favorite nail trimmer!  Rucacio Dog Nail Grinder Electric Nail Trimmer.


4.  Use Non-toxic Ice Melt  

Yes, you can't control what your city or neighbors use to melt the snow, but you can keep your sidewalk or driveway space chemical-free.  Using a pet-safe ice melt will lower the risk of your pooch bringing those chemicals in the house and on their skin.  It's just one more simple step you can take to keep things natural and safe for your family.  One of our favorite organic snowmelt is Safe Paw Ice Melter

Pooch News: We would love to hear what you do to protect your dog’s paws in winter.  Comment below so we're all in the know! 

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