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Five Family Fun Camping Ideas

Posted by Kimberly Ambrose on
Five Family Fun Camping Ideas
It's been shown that people who spend some time in the great outdoors camping, are happier and buy more bug repellent!  
So here are a few tips on staying happy and healthy while on your family camping adventure.


1.  Instead of spraying the family down with a chemical bug spray, choose an all natural alternative!  Bee Active is infused with vitamin E, citronella and carrot root oil, which naturally protects your skin from bugs while keeping your skin soft and moisturized.  


Bee Active

2.  Go wild with some fun new S'more recipes.  A favorite is a salted caramel S'more.  It’s as easy as drizzling your favorite caramel sauce over the roasted marshmallow and topping it off with a dash of sea salt.  YUM  


Nutella S’mores.  This is so easy and delicious. Just smother your graham cracker with a healthy amount of Nutella, add a perfectly roasted marshmallow (It can even a little burnt) and enjoy.


3.  Because it will RAIN!  Put a few of your favorite family games in a water-proof Ziplock and pull out the games to keep the family happy!   Also, throw a few paint brushes and paint together for a simple art project.  Collect a few rocks when you arrive to use as your canvas.



 4.  Bring along one item from home, just to make your camping trip feel special.  Throw a pretty table cloth or a vase of flowers in with the sleeping bags and treat yourself to some of the comforts of home.



5.  Bring GREAT coffee!....because some things you just can't skimp on.  The best part of waking up really is coffee in your cup.  And there's something fantastic about sipping on your first cup outside.



It can be overwhelming to pack, gather, and prepare, but a camping trip is worth the adventure!  Use a few of these simple tips and get going towards some fun!! 


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    Wondering? Will you be at the Zeeland Peddler market on Sept.14th this year..

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