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Michigan Creamed Honey 8oz Jar.

Michigan Creamed Honey 8oz Jar


Sister Bees Creamed Honey is made with 100% Pure Michigan Wildflower honey and packaged in an 8 oz. hexagon glass jar, perfect for you or to gift.  To achieve the smooth creamed texture, the wildflower honey is slowly spun until it becomes a fine spreadable creme. Sister Bees Creamed Honey is delightful on crackers, toast, English muffins, baked meats, and straight out of the jar. 


Customer Reviews

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Creamed honey and ‘harvest bee‘ orange and clove candle

We love your creamed honey. However, I was surprised when I received an 8 oz. jar and not the 12 oz. When I went back to website, I see that the picture showed the 12 oz. jar that I previously purchased, but the description read 8 oz. Will the 12 oz. jars be available in the future?
The clove and orange candle is delightful. Such a pleasant fragrance, especially for the fall season.
Thank you.

Thank you so much for your kind words. We had to switch our creamed honey to smaller jars due to a supplying issue. At this point, we will probably stick with the 8oz jar because they are easier to source than the 12oz. So sorry for the confusion! We have updated the picture since then.