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Bee Natural Scent-Free All Natural Deodorant

Bee Natural Scent-Free All Natural Deodorant


Aluminum Free All Natural Deodorant

Bee Natural Scent-Free all-natural deodorant goes on smooth leaving your armpits smelling great all day long. We combine only the best ingredients including beeswax to create an all-natural deodorant that is aluminum-free, paraben-free, and always cruelty-free. 

Switching to Aluminum-Free Deodorant:
Sweating is the natural process of cooling and detoxifying your body, it's actually good for you! When you switch to natural deodorant after regular antiperspirant use, it may not work immediately. Some people experience excess sweat and/or odor before the armpits adjust. Once you adjust, you should notice a decrease in odor and sweat. 


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