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9 Tips for the First Day of School

Posted by Kimberly Ambrose on
9 Tips for the First Day of School

Between the three of us Sister Bee moms, we have twelve children!!  So yes, the first day of school is something we all have been through at every level.  Gearing up for a new year can be as much of a mental preparation as physical, but here are some of our favorite tips, to help the first week of school go as smooth as possible!   (smooth....just like our lip balm! haha)


Kimberly's Tips:  (Four boys)

1.  The dreaded packed lunches! I function best on busy school mornings when I know exactly what is going into the boys' lunches!  (I even hide certain "packaged" foods designated for packed lunches!)  I make a list and set aside enough sandwich items, fruit, granola bars, juice boxes, etc. so that mornings go as simple as; grab, pack, and go.  
2.  Another big deal from my boys is; who sits where in the car on the way to school. So, we have designated seats for the boys to and from school.  Being proactive instead of reactive on a busy morning is key!
3.  A quick and easy tip is to check the weather before the kids go to bed so everyone knows how to dress appropriately for school in the morning!  In Michigan, weather can change dramatically from one day to the next.  Nothing worse than sending the kids off to school in flip-flops, and the snow begins to fly!

Kelly's Tips: (Three boys and two girls)

1. On the packing lunch box note, I go one step further and actually premake sandwiches and put them in the freezer!  Peanut butter and jelly is super easy to do, in fact, you can even cut them into fun shapes using your favorite cookie cutters.  
2.  This one is awesome; have every kid say two things they are thankful for during the car ride to school.  This is a perfect way to get attitudes in the right direction for the day.  (Good one huh?)
3.  I make breakfast easy too by putting together breakfast burritos ahead of time.  I throw them in the freezer, and "wallah", quick, easy, and healthy!  My kids just pop them in the microwave wrapped in a paper towel, have a little salsa on hand, and all is good.  

Amber's Tips: (Two boys and one girl)

1.  When getting home from school, I have a designated spot to leave all important papers at.  The kids get home, put the backpacks on their hook, and know to take out all of the teachers "important papers."  In my home, all the kids know to put them right away next to the coffee pot.  This is perfect so mamma doesn't miss them.
2. Bedtime routine. We start the process of putting the kids down at the same time each night.  This makes for consistent, not debatable, happy kids.  Book reading, teeth brushing, p.j's on, all happen in the same order and time each night.  Let's be honest, I need them to bed at a reasonable time for my sake as well as theirs!  
3.  While we're talking, I have to advocate for Sister Bees lip balm in each kiddos backpack.  Right?  Nothing worse than having chapped, red lips at school.  (And no one is going to share their lip balm!)

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